The Percussion Music Listening Guide

bild Welcome to the Percussion Music Listening guide (PMLG). This is a site where musicians can find new percussion music to play and also a site for composers who want to advertise their percussion music.

This site currently provides these services:

A list of compositions with sample sound clips and information on the composer. Here, musicians can look for exciting new music to play. Downloading and listening to the music is of course free of charge.

Also, composers can send us a score of their composition and get their music recorded by a professional percussionist and listed in the guide.

The sound clips published on PMLG have all been published with the permission of the composer of each work ( who can listen and request changes before publishing) and other owners of the music.
PMLG also have a license for publishing downloadable soundfiles on the internet from STIM, the Swedish Performing Rights Society. STIM licenses rights to music and texts of authors and publishers of music in Sweden and, through its international network, licenses the rights to the world-wide repertoire of musical works for users operating within and/or from Sweden such as PMLG.

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©Marcus Hedenfalk 2005