Elastic Team by Olov Helge

Instruments needed: 1 pair of bongos (on stand)
3 snare drums(piccolo, medium and large)
3 tom-toms (medium, medium-low, low) or similar ethno drums
1 gran cassa
1 large crash cymbal

To buy a copy of the music order from:
STIM/Svensk Musik
Box 27327
SE-102 54 Stockholm
Email: swedmic@stim.se Website: www.mic.stim.se

Information on the piece: Duration 3 min 15 sec or faster
Main idea of the piece is that the accents within an "old" pulse/meter/time gradually becomes the new pulse/meter/time. It also contains a bongo solo. This is the newly (2005) revised version. The first version of Elastic Team was composed in 1978 for a group of percussionists who played it on a tour of Swedish schools. Among these percussionists where Anders Loguin, Anders Holdar and Jan Hellgren who at this time formed the famous percussion ensemble Kroumata.

Short about Olov Helge:

Born 1950 (in Sweden)

Studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm 1973-80.

Having shared his time between working as a teacher in music theory (at a university) and at the same time using his skills in various music projects for a number of years Olov Helge now works exclusively as a composer and arranger/orchestrator. His production consists of orchestral and chamber music as well as choir- and electro-acoustic pieces. As a composer he is mostly known for the music for dance theatre.
He is often engaged as an arranger/orchestrator in symphonic contexts, for exemple cross-over projects or music theatre productions.
The most recent works are -beside the revision of "Elastic Team"- orchestration of the Ballet "Pippi Langstrump" for the Royal Opera of Stockholm, "Skugghopp" for cello and clarinet and "Dragster/Prankster for symphonic band.

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