Liten Salsa by Kent Helgesen

#percussionists:mallets- minimum 4, rythm section- 5

Percussion instruments needed:mallets accompaniment- xylophone, marimba (4 1/3 octave), vibraphone melody- bells or extra marimba (or both!)
" Salsa school"- basic patterns for congas, bongos, claves, maracas and guiro included.

Other instrumentalists:If you want to you can double bass marimba part with bass guitar. Flute, trumpet or saxophone can play in unison with the melody.

To buy a copy of the music contact Kent at:

Information on the piece:Really basic but catchy intruduction to playing clave based music.

Information on the composer: Throughout his 25 years as a percussion teacher in Sweden Kent Helgesen has been writing studies and other music for his student percussion ensembles, constantly improving them and adding ideas earned from rehearsals and performances. Simple Samba is one of these pieces.
Kent worked for ten years at the Partille music school with students ages 10 to 18. For 15 years now, he has been a percussion teacher of the music profile at the Hvitfedska upper secondary school in Gothenburg. Since 1997 Kent is also a part time teacher at the School of Music and Music Education, Gothenburg University.

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