Title: Saltika DiKaila

Composer: Rodolfo Ledesma

Where to get the music:: Contact Rodolfo Ledesma at ledesmarodolfo@yahoo.com


Perc 1

Tom (high)
Suspended Cymbal

Perc 2

Two Woodblocks
Snare drum

Perc 3

Bass Marimba (5 octave)
Suspended Cymbal
Tom (medium)

Perc 4

Tom (low)
Bass Drum

Duration: 12'30''

Information on the music:The piece is in four movements. Actually the name of the piece "Saltika DiKaila" came from some words in the Carlos Santana"s III recording (track: "no one to depend on"). I took some rhythmic patterns from it to develop the piece. Also, in the first movement, Vivace marcato, there is a section where also I took some cuban rhythmic patterns to be performed along with the instruments as spoken rhythm. Everything is explained in the score. The main idea to create this work has been to take the pure latin rhythmic elements and to mix them within my personal universal language. This is a difficult task for a composer but I think that the composer must manipulate the pure elements and putting together in according with his compositional visions. - Rodolfo Ledesma

ABOUT Rodolfo Ledesma
Text taken from The Living Composers Project
Ledesma, Rodolfo (b. August 14, 1954, Cali). Colombian composer of mostly orchestral, chamber and piano works that have been performed in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.Mr. Ledesma studied music theory and piano privately with his father as a child in Cali and began composing at age ten. He studied music at the Conservatorio de Música de Cali from 1962–72 and also studied civil engineering at the Universidad de San Tomás in Bogotá from 1978–84. He then studied composition with Roque Cordero and conducting with Julian Dawson at Illinois State University from 1985–87 and he studied composition with John Van der Slice and conducting with David Gray at the University of Miami in 1990–91. He later attended masterclasses with George Crumb, Mario Lavista and Juan Orrego-Salas at Indiana University in 1994 and composition classes with Martin Christoph Redel at the Hochschule für Musik in Detmold in 1999–2000. He earned his master's degree in philosophy at the Universidad del Valle in Cali. Among his honors are the Premio Nacional Colcultura in Bogotá (1992, for Metamorphosis) and Second Prize in the Oreste Sindici competition in Ceccano, Italy (2003, for Eclosión). His music has been performed in Colombia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, and the USA. He has taught music theory as an associate professor at the Universidad del Valle since 1993. He was also an invited lecturer at the inter-American workshop Word and Music at Indiana University in 1994.