Vivo Duo by Geary Larrick

Trumpet on the sound sample: Anders Thorén

#percussionists: 1

Other instrumentalists: 1 trumpet

Percussion instruments needed: 1 vibraphone

To buy a copy of the music order from:
Steve Weiss Music
2324 Wyandotte Road
Willow Grove
PA 19090 USA.

Information on the piece:Composed on Jersey Street, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States of America,and typed by Donald Jones in Rochester, New York.

Information on the composer: Dr. Geary Henderson Larrick, Born 15 November 1943 in Zanesville, Ohio, USA, studied music composition with professor Samuel Adler. Dr. Larrick holds music degrees from The Ohio State University, Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester and the University of Colorado.
His ancestors migrated from Europe to North America in the early 18th Century, first settling in Virginia.
A retired Assistant Professor of Music for the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, he has played percussion in three major orchestras in Maryland, New York, and Ohio. Geary has recorded for several labels, including Deutsche Grammophon with the Eastman Wind Ensemble. He spent thirty years with the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra, and has composed four symphonies. His eight scholarly books published in New York are distributed worldwide including Harward and Yale.

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